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The company has been on the market of accounting and consulting services since 2013.

AzUKen Ltd. is proud of its customers since 2013 and the good partner relationships as a guarantor of a successful business model. The services we offer are far from just monthly document processing, we help you achieve your business goals such as:

Our commitment

The manager, Antonia Boyanova, has experience in the field of accounting and consulting since 2004, building a team of qualified and experienced accountants and consultants, some of whom are already partners in the company. We have a team of 20 employees, so we’re big enough to have the resources you need – and small enough to look after you and offer a personal touch.

We provide integrated advice on: finance, accounting, systems, payroll, tax and personal finance, business consulting and project and budget management. We offer outsourcing of part of the administrative processes, which will allow you to focus on business development. We have different outsourcing options and levels.

Ние предоставяме интегрирани съвети за: финанси, счетоводство, системи, заплати, данъци и лични финанси, бизнес консултации и управление на проекти и бюджети. Ние предлагаме аутсорсинг на част от административните процеси, което ще позволи да се съсредоточите в развитието на бизнеса. Имаме различни опции и нива на аутсорсинг.

Our standards

We give peace of mind to your business in the field of administration and reporting according to national and international standards, in accordance with national and European legislation. We are certified by TUV Nord ISO 9001:2015 and approved by the European Parliament as a payment intermediary. We apply all GDPR rules under REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL and guarantee the confidentiality of our customers. We are members of industry cluster organizations and work in collaboration with some of the best experts in the field.

Our faith

We strongly believe that our success lies in the growth and achievement of our clients. That’s why we structure a fee according to individual requirements and budget. We are confident in the quality of our services and commitments.


We combine the experience and knowledge of professionals in the field of financial and accounting services with the energy and positivity of the young team

Антония Боянова​ - управител

Antonia Boyanova​


Antonia has experience in accounting, tax, project and budget management, and analysis since 2004. In 2007-2008 became the chief accountant in the Lichitel trade chain. In 2012 was invited to the Veritas Consulting Cluster group as a senior accountant and business consultant. Later that year, he became the financial manager of a cluster branch organization, during which time he founded AzUkEn.

Antonia Boyanova - manager
Антония Боянова​ - управител


  • Master of Economics – Finance
  • Senior Accountant and Tax Consultant;
  • Certified in “Management Practices”;
  • Certified in Crisis Motivation
  • Key Sales Certified
  • Certified in “Development and Management of European Projects”
  • Certified for practical application of DTT
  • Certified in “Management Practices”
  • Certified for training on “Applying for and implementing projects under the EU Structural Funds;
  • Credit Consultant at UniCreditBulbank, Raiffeisenbank, UBB AD

Main duties and responsibilities:

Budget and project management; Tax and accounting consulting.
  • Manages, organizes, controls and is responsible for the overall financial and accounting activities of the entrusted enterprises.
  • Makes economic analyzes of the company’s business.
  • Performs internal financial control.
  • Prepares and signs the annual financial statements.
  • Responsible for the actions of the team and coordinates the activities during all stages of the project;
  • Coordinates and coordinates project management actions and activities;
  • Defines the responsibilities of the project team members by developing job descriptions for each team member;
  • Responsible for successful completion and reporting of the project;
  • Monitors compliance with deadlines and implementation of the project work plan and other schedules;
  • Controls the relations with the contractors during the project implementation;
  • Controls the preparation and submission of detailed reports on the progress of the project and all other reports and reports provided for in the project contract in accordance with the adopted indicators;
  • Creates a favorable organization for the implementation of the project;
  • Responsible for the preparation of procedures and internal rules for work on the project and the implementation of activities and the introduction of a system for management, monitoring and control of project activities;
  • Monitors the preparation and monitors the implementation of activities, as well as feedback and information;
  • Responsible for the proper spending of funds;
  • Maintains public relations and is responsible for publicity and public relations.
  • Manages the preparation of all documentation for the selection of employees, coordinates and coordinates the procedures for selection of suppliers of assets and services, the preparation of documentation for CMD №118 / 2014, the selection of suppliers of assets and services, reporting activities, etc. .
  • All responsibilities and actions of the Project Manager are in compliance with the Operational Manual for project implementation.
  • Determines the degree of achievement of the results and is responsible for the implementation before the Manager (s) of the Beneficiary.

Successfully managed / coordinated / accounted for projects incl .:
A. Risk monitoring and management:
B. Financial management and verification / authorization of expenditure
C. Financial planning and accounting


Graduating from the University of National and World Economy, he started his professional career as a financial analyst, mainly analyzing company documents for applying for bank loans, credit rating assessment.

Antonia has experience in accounting, taxation, project and budget management, and analysis since 2004.

In 2007-2008 became chief accountant in the Healer retail chain. In 2012 was invited to join the Veritas Consulting Cluster Group as a Senior Accountant and Business Consultant. Later that year he became the financial manager of a cluster branch organization, during which time he founded AzUkEn.

Transferring his experience in the management and development of small and medium-sized businesses, he participates in a number of projects as a manager, coordinator and consultant.

Бранислав Стоичков – финансов контрольор

Branislav Stoichkov

Finance Controller

His main skills are related to financial control, financial accounting (international finance), management accounting and corporate finance, social security, human resources management, social policies, customs control, internal audit and finally financial and economic analysis and consulting;

Branislav Stoichkov – financial controller
Бранислав Стоичков – финансов контрольор


Bachelor – Finance
Master – “Financial Control with Specialization Auditing”

Additional qualification:

  • Acquired specific skills in analysis – “Due diligence”;

His main skills are related to financial control, financial accounting (international finance), management accounting and corporate finance, social security, human resources management, social policies, customs control, internal audit and finally financial and economic analysis and consulting;

Main duties and responsibilities:

Branislav as a financial controller strictly monitors:
  1. Financial and documentary control in the companies entrusted to him.
  2. Performs preliminary and ex-post verification of the grounds for incurring monetary or commodity-material obligations and incurring expenses.
  3. Draws up the acts for availability in cash, warehouse and other material-accounting positions in the presence of the material-responsible person.
  4. Gives an opinion on all financial matters to the management of the companies entrusted to it.
  5. Reflects accurately and objectively the results of the control activity.
As part of his expertise, he includes:
  1. Monitors the state of financial discipline and the prevention of conditions for waste and abuse.
  2. Monitors the authenticity of financial and accounting documents.
  3. Monitors compliance with the deadlines for repayment of the company’s liabilities.
  4. Monitors and complies with its obligations in relation to the Rules for Health and Safety at Work.
  5. Monitors and complies with the obligations in relation to SANS.
  6. Monitors and complies with GDPR obligations.


Branislav started his professional experience in AzUken, under the Youth Employment Program in 2015. He gained skills, experience and knowledge and was invited by the cluster organization Veritas, also a partner company, for financial controller, where he upgraded his potential. In 2020 he again joined the ranks of AzUken and since then he has contributed to the growth of the team and the improvement of the processes in the activity.
Надежда Шопова - старши счетоводител

Nadejda Shopova

Senior Accountant

Nadezhda’s main skills are aimed at carrying out activities of current operational control, compilation and analysis of financial statements, risk analysis, implementation of financial control, including and of internal audit control.

Nadejda Shopova - Senior Accountant
Надежда Шопова - старши счетоводител


  • Secondary education – 3rd degree professional qualification “Economics and Management”
  • Bachelor’s degree – “Accounting and Control”
  • Master’s degree – “Accounting and Auditing” and “International Business and Management”

Additional qualification:

– Nadejda’s main skills are aimed at carrying out activities of current operational control, compilation and analysis of financial statements, risk analysis, implementation of financial control, including internal audit control.
– Having a Master’s degree of Accounting and Auditing, she performs internal audits, advises and assists operational and chief accountants, financial managers, financial analysts, tax consultants and heads of departments and other corporate structures.
– Nadejda speaks English, which facilitates her work with international clients.

Main duties and responsibilities:

Nadejda, as a senior accountant, strictly monitors for:

  1.  Decision-making and control based on accounting information;
  2. Organization and functioning of the accounting and reporting systems of enterprises;
  3. Carrying out an independent financial audit in a team;
  4. Work with specialized accounting software and ERP systems in enterprises;
  5. Preparation of financial statements;
  6. Analysis of financial and accounting information.

Professional Experience:

  • Nadejda is a striving and organized person who, shows where and how she wants to position herself professionally starting from the first steps of her education and work experience.

Her secondary education “Economics and management” is only the beginning of her growth. Nadejda has advanced her knowledge (Accounting and auditing, as well as International business and management) with a bachelor’s and masters’ degrees.

Her training provides her with a solid foundation for:

  • Knowing quite well the structure, organization and management of the activities of enterprises, including the organization of their financial activities and reporting systems;
  • Professional knowledge and skills specific to her profile such as analysis of accounting and reporting standards and control functions in the individual enterprise and the role of financial and accounting specialist.

Nadejda does not go unnoticed by large companies such as Unicredit Bulbank, where she develops her potential in consulting, offering and selling a full package of banking products and services – loans, credit cards, payment and savings packages, etc.

Her passion for accounting and auditing led Nadejda to a professional growth as an accountant – analyst in financial and consulting houses while still studying. Nadejda managed to improve her professional skills in international companies such as Crowe Bulgaria Advisors and Ernst & Young Bulgaria. Last but not least, the Maleevi Tennis Club and the global company Orange Trail partner with her.

AzUkEn has the privilege of being Nadejda’s choice since 2023. Together with other employees of AzUkEn, she analyzes accounting information for the purposes of company management; Emphasis is on the preparation of individual and consolidated financial statements based on the applicable accounting legislation;

Nadejda offers techniques for effective business management and decision-making to the management of the companies entrusted to her. Actively participates in the preparation of various tax documents, incl. tax returns and references.

Her analytical skills are aimed at the financial efficiency of the business based on specific indicators and the application of the main audit procedures for internal and external audits;

Цветелина Тодорова- Старши счетоводител

Tsvetelina Todorova

Senior Accountant

Tsvetelina has 10 years of professional experience gained through her work in accounting firms. Her practical experience equips her with a strong skill set and in-depth knowledge of accounting, auditing, tax and legal regulations.

Tsvetelina Todorova - Senior Accountant
Цветелина Тодорова- Старши счетоводител


Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in accounting and control –  University of Economics- Varna

Master of Law  – University of Veliko Tarnovo St. St. Cyril and Methodius”

Additional qualification:

  • Legal capacity -Ministry of Justice;

  • Certified pedagogue “University of Economics – Varna” – teacher of Accounting and Control

  • Professional training certificate – Payroll specialist

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Senior Accountant:

  1. Collect, classify, evaluate and interpret data from the field of accounting and finance in order to solve specific tasks;
  2. Analyzes financial and non-financial information in a broader or interdisciplinary context;
  3. Form’s opinions and makes recommendations and instructions;

Consultant (tax and accounting);

  1. Making decisions based on the information received;
  2. Proposing solutions and handling documents and sources of information;
  3. Process management, launch and tracking;
  4. Tax assistance in transactions / mergers and acquisitions;
  • Tax review (Due Diligence);
  • Preliminary review of transactions and their tax treatment, according to current legislation;
  • Tax planning;
  • Structuring your business from the point of view of tax and accounting law (including review of contracts and transactions; optimization of the supply organization);
  • Review of your company’s accounting practices with a view to optimizing your obligations (e.g. opportunities for VAT refunds, cash flow planning, as well as identifying and reducing potential VAT risks);
  • Provision of consultations on specific issues affecting your business;
  • Providing industry-specific consulting (e.g. OSS online stores, retail and wholesale, marketing and advertising, real estate, manufacturing)
  • Assistance in the course of tax audits and other administrative and judicial procedures related to tax legislation.
  • Trainings specially prepared for the needs of your company – on tax topics and on issues specific to your industry;

Professional Experience:

Tsvetelina has 10 years of professional experience gained through her work in accounting firms. Her practical experience equips her with a strong skill set and in-depth knowledge of accounting, auditing, tax and legal regulations. She excels in administrative management, decision-making and thrives in complex and unpredictable work environments.

Tsvetelina’s expertise extends to the preparation and analysis of financial statements, and her passion for accounting led her to pursue a career in teaching. She is an accounting teacher at an education center where she passes on her knowledge and skills to the next generation of accountants.

The Master’s degree in Law and legal capacity helps a lot in the field of accounting, taxes, labor and insurance law and commercial law, registering companies, drafting contracts.

Tsvetelina uses business English.

Tsvetelina is a collective image of a highly educated and qualified specialist that AzUkEn can boast of, as she is one of the consultants in the team.

AzUKEn is pleased to present to you, in her person and the mentor of the interns, the team.

Симона Венкова – офис мениджър

Simona Venkova

Office Manager

Simona Venkova holds a bachelor’s degree in “Construction Economics” and has acquired knowledge and skills in investment activity management, pricing, business valuation, construction innovations and territorial planning.

Simona Venkova – office manager
Симона Венкова – офис мениджър


Simona Venkova holds a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Economics and has acquired knowledge and skills in investment management, pricing, business valuation, construction innovation and spatial planning.

Main duties and responsibilities:

  • Tracks incoming and outgoing correspondence.
  • Tracks deadlines, calendars and timings;
  • Organizes the preparation of workshops, trainings, internal and external company events
  • Organizes the work process and the creation of comfort in the work environment.


Simona started her professional experience in the Human Resources Department at Happy AD, applying various methods for team building and team building.

Her skills are in the field of planning, recruitment and selection process, publishing job vacancies, evaluating the performance of employees, organizing resumes and job applications, scheduling interviews and assisting in the process and checking files. It also coordinates employment activities and programs that include, but are not limited to, employee counseling.

At AzUken, he skillfully combines knowledge acquired at university and in his professional path, creating coziness and comfort in the work environment of the office.

Елица Семкова - Оперативен счетоводител

Elitsa Semkova

Operational accountant

Elitsa is part of AzUKEn’s social policy, which lends a hand to people in a disadvantaged position on the labor market under the OP HRD program “Education and Employment”. Elitsa is the discovery of AzUKEn and the whole team supports her in all her endeavors.

Elitsa Semkova - operational accountant
Елица Семкова - Оперативен счетоводител


Elitsa graduated from the 1st English High School and is an intern – accountant in the team of AzUkEn.

Elitsa shows teamwork skills and personal qualities such as responsibility, performance, honesty, loyalty.

Responsibilities such as:

Performing tasks related to the control over the proper keeping of primary documents, the expenditure of cash and material resources, as well as the accounting of documents and keeping registers.
Registers chronologically the accounting operations.
Prepares reports and reports
Compiles primary and secondary accounting documents and turnover statement.
Makes accounting entries and, if necessary, their changes.

Main duties and responsibilities:

Elitsa’s work as an operational accountant is characterized by:

  • high quality of work performed;
  • observance of labor discipline;
  • proper storage of materials;
  • the exact performance of the assigned tasks;


Elitsa is part of the social policy of AzUken, which lends a hand to disadvantaged people in the labor market under the program of the HRD OP “Training and Employment”. Elitsa is AzUken’s discovery and the whole team supports her in all her endeavors.

Иван Златев – експерт грантово финансиране и управление проекти

Ivan Zlatev

Expert in grant financing
and project management

His main skills are related to developing regulatory and methodological documents for quality management system, administrative processes and overall projects.

Ivan Zlatev – expert in grant financing and project management
Иван Златев – експерт грантово финансиране и управление проекти


Economist – accountant;
Occupational and organizational psychology;

Additional qualification:

  • Certified Expert Quality Management Systems / OWZ Bayern
  • Certified Internal Auditor of Quality Management Systems / OWZ Bayern
  • Group training through the Ministry of Economy and Technology of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Certified Investment Consultant / Higher School of Finance and Accounting and Control at UNWE, Institute for Postgraduate Studies


His main skills are related to the development of regulatory and methodological documents for quality management system, administrative processes and overall projects. Analyzes the current normative documents. Provides maintenance of normative documents in the various systems (accounting, storage, amendments to existing and cancellation of obsolete normative documents, introduction of new normative documents).

Participates in the development, improvement and implementation of the quality management system, organizes the work and provides methodological assistance to the structural units of the organization in developing their proposals for improving product quality, organizes methodological work with authorized employees for quality in the structural units.

His expertise in project preparation and management is related to the initiation and definition of the project, planning, implementation, monitoring and control of the project and successful completion (verification of costs).

Main duties and responsibilities:

  • Finds and contacts potential customers for the company;
  • Analyzes and develops the activity and resources of the company in order to increase customers and increase sales;
  • Monitors and analyzes the needs of customers and market segments;
  • Makes proposals to the Executive Director for new products / services tailored to these needs;
  • Actively seeks and develops new business opportunities (new customers, new sales and opportunities);
  • Makes proposals to the CEO for strategies to different categories of clients;
  • Explores the funding opportunities offered by various European funds;
  • Responsible for developing programs and international projects funded by European and donors;
  • Makes and maintains contacts with the company’s partners;
  • Performs other duties assigned by the Executive Director related to his work.


Since 2003 he has been a software systems consultant and administrative assistant at Intelsoft-Grigorov, Kanev et al. At the same time, in 2009 he started and developed his own company for preparation, coordination and management of national and international grant projects and those with attracted funding.

Successfully applies his knowledge of basic economic statements for the competitiveness of the enterprise / organization and project proposals / solutions, business planning and entrepreneurship, investment projects, behavioral problems in managing teams of people, European programs and projects and European cohesion policy, legal aspects the initiation, planning and implementation of projects and tenders – on the territory of Bulgaria and internationally.

In 2018 he cooperated with AzUken in a cluster in support of micro and small enterprises in Bulgaria, and since then he has successfully partnered with us.

Виктория Грозева - Юрисконсулт

Victoria Grozeva

Legal adviser

Experience gained in the field in a courtroom makes her legal reading of individual cases unerring, with particular attention to the safeguards of lawful business development. 

Victoria Grozeva - Legal adviser
Виктория Грозева - Юрисконсулт


Master – “Law” Southwestern University “Neofit Rilski”

Additional qualification:

  • Financial Management – continuous training for professional qualification at the Institute for Postgraduate Studies of the UNWE – current
  • Project Management: the Basics, provided by University of California – distance learning
  • English for Business and Entrepreneurship, provided by University of Pennsylvania – distance learning

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Victoria as a Business Consultant – European Funding:

  • Analyzes and develops company operations and resources to increase the number of clients and sales volume;
  • Monitors and analyzes client needs and market conditions; Makes suggestions for strategies to different categories of clients;
  • Researches financing opportunities offered by various European funds;
  • Responsible for the development of programmes and projects funded by European and international donors;
  • Establishes and maintains contacts with company partners;
  • Finds and contacts potential clients for the company;
  • Performs other duties within the scope of her competence.

Professional Experience:

Started his career as a business coordinator at Euromarket Group, where he built professional skills that are crucial for developing a profitable business. Combining education and additional qualifications, she purposefully built on her skills to communicate and control the processes from bidding and presentation to successful completion of a task.

Experience gained in the field in a courtroom makes her legal reading of individual cases unerring, with particular attention to the safeguards of lawful business development. She makes a consistent and thorough analysis of the legal framework that regulates financial relations and ensures the sustainable development of business and commercial relations of clients.

Among her professional strengths is the ability to apply various legal means to ensure and regulate the administrative and financial discipline of enterprises in the exercise of their activities. She monitors European policies and good commercial practices for models to transpose into relations between companies to create a sustainable and conducive business environment.

Her unquestionable personal qualities define her as an extremely good professional. Having previously worked as a legal advisor in the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Environment and Water on current environmental issues, she exemplifies the tenacity and desire to build on oneself and achieve more. To put it another way, we value her ability to combine and successfully integrate various elements of her knowledge, skills, experience, professional qualities and other personality traits into her conduct, and we recognize in her the continuous and progressive upgrading of individual qualities and professional expertise.

At Azuken, we know that this is a kind of standard of conduct for successful employees and we have attracted Victoria to get involved in project management by:

* Project BG05M20P001-1.002-0011 “Establishment and Development of a Competence Centre for Mechatronics and Clean Technologies MIRACle (Mechatronics, Innovation, Robotics, Automation, Clean technologies)” funded under the Operational Programme “Science and Education for Smart Growth”, Priority Axis 1 “Research and Technological Development”, procedure BG05M2OP001-1.002 “Establishment and Development of Competence Centres”, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The total amount of the grant is BGN 22 570 752,32.

In which the Institute of Mechanics – BAS, as the leading organization (coordinator) and the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies – BAS; Central Laboratory of Solar Energy and New Energy Sources – BAS; Technical University (TU)-Sofia; Sofia University “St. Kl. Ohridski (SU); University “Prof. Asen Zlatarov”, Sofia, Bulgaria. Burgas; Higher School of Insurance and Finance; Innovation Cluster “Mechatronics and Automation” and GIS “Transfer Center” joined their efforts to create a Competence Center as a unified infrastructure for high-tech innovative research – in the thematic area “Mechatronics and Clean Technologies”.

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